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Vendors Representatives

OR TRAX provides you, the medical vendor representative, a secure online database composed of surgical procedures, locations, dates and times. Our program is formulated to give you the ability to electronically view surgical procedure information in your territory while equipping you with the most efficient and convenient method to forecast your daily and weekly appointments.

In the fast paced surgical environment, OR TRAX understands the need for safety and efficiency regarding surgical schedule procurement from your healthcare providers. No longer will you be restricted to contacting facilities for this information by face-to-face, phone, text or email communication. OR TRAX gives you the ability to access pertinent surgical data at your fingertips saving you time and freeing you from the task of repeatedly contacting healthcare providers concerning this data.

Additionally, you can be confident that you will be safeguarded from any HHS or HIPAA infractions while utilizing our service. OR TRAX WILL NOT receive nor display any Protected Health Information (PHI), which serves you by offering protection from possible compliance liabilities during schedule procurement.

OR TRAX will be available via the Web by personal computers, notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones. Furthermore, vendors with compatible mobile devices will be able to access our OR TRAX mobile application through the IOS and Android App store. In addition, while utilizing our mobile application you will be able to customize your user profile to receive alerts and notifications related to user-specific schedule changes in your territory.