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Services to Healthcare Providers and Vendor Representatives

Surgical facilities need a safe and efficient method to effectively communicate surgical procedure information to vendors on a consistent basis. Currently, there are no automated, electronic systems in the industry to safely and consistently supplement vendors with surgical schedule information. As a result, vendors are frequently and abruptly contacting healthcare providers for such information as their presumed elective and non-elective case appointments draw near.

Additionally, procedure times frequently alter which in some instances has left corresponding vendor representatives un-notified. Due to the absence or tardiness of these vendors and the lack of representation, this has led to the delay of surgical start times. This issue has been recognized as a consistent inconvenience for both parties involved, and OR TRAX provides a service that alleviates this nuisance for healthcare professionals and vendor representatives.

OR TRAX offers a no-charge platform to hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to assist with the following:

  • Provides absolute HHS & HIPAA compliance while furnishing vendors with surgical procedure information.
  • Ensures that vendors are conscious of upcoming surgical cases that they need to support.
  • Guarantees Protected Health Information security during vendor schedule procurement.
  • Requires absolutely no data entry and document management by the hospital during the operation of OR TRAX.
  • Confirms that each vendor is compliance credentialed at your facility before granting them to access your surgical data.