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Services to Healthcare Providers

With the severe inflation of patient information breaches over the past 8 years, you need a system in place to protect your facility from potential HHS & HIPAA liabilities pertaining to vendor interactions with surgical schedules and Protected Health Information (PHI). We understand that vendor representatives can inadvertently compromise PHI by their procurement of surgical procedure information and OR TRAX aims to deliver a defense against such liabilities.

OR TRAX is dedicated to the security and protection of our business associates and we WILL NOT and cannot collect any PHI from healthcare providers. We will only accept facility titles, procedure types, surgeon names, dates, and times transferred to our database. This ensures absolute HHS & HIPAA compliance to your facility while utilizing our service. Furthermore, OR TRAX will only offer our service to vendors who are licensed through the credentialing service implemented at your facility.

Apart from your primary responsibilities, the perpetual task of notifying vendors of surgical schedule changes has become a time-consuming burden for operating room schedulers as well as nurses and department clinicians. As our electronic database supplies vendors with their necessary surgical schedules each day, OR TRAX eliminates the responsibility and irritation HCP's inherit by having to inform vendors of such information. Understanding that surgical schedules fluctuate daily, we will assist you in alerting vendors of updates or changes in your schedule by our notification system offered in our mobile application.

Furthermore, OR TRAX aspires to be an incredible resource to all healthcare providers by reducing expenses stemming from case delays and operating room turnover. As vendors have an up to the minute database informing them of surgery schedules, no longer should vendors be absent without products or instrumentation supplied for your cases. Vendors will have alerts informing them of upcoming cases, as well as newly added non-elective cases. Your OR staff can be confident that vendors will be aware of pending cases, and will have the necessary products delivered to your facility while being prepared to successfully assist your staff during procedures.