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Healthcare Providers

What is the cost to implement OR TRAX in our facility?

There are no setup, license, or maintenance fees to implement OR TRAX at your facility.

If a vendor is already in your database do they have to pay again to have access to our hospital?

No, the vendor would have access to all facilities that utilize OR TRAX.

Do you display at Protected Health Information in your database?

No, our database is composed solely of surgical procedure types, locations, dates, and times.

How long does it take, and what process is required to implement your software at our facility?

We can implement your facility quickly. For more information, please contact us

What are the hardware requirements for our facility?

Your facility will need to be able to send HL7 messages to our servers. Please contact us for additional technical details.

Vendor Representatives

What is the cost to the vendor?

$150.00 annual subscription fee.

I have more than one medical facility that my doctors attend. Am I required to pay per facility?

Absolutely not. Once you subscribe, your membership is good for all of your OR TRAX hospitals at no additional fees.

Do you sell my information to anyone?

Absolutely not. Your personal and professional information is kept solely within the OR TRAX database.

Why am I required to provide a corporate email address or Vendor Compliance ID number to register for OR TRAX?

This ensures you are in fact a healthcare vendor representative attempting to access procedural information from our database.

How will I know when OR case schedules change?

Once the OR updates their electronic schedule, our database will be updated to mimic that particular facility.

Do I need to keep checking the OR TRAX application for updates in the surgical schedule?

This is not necessary. We have a mobile phone application in place with alerts to notify you of facility updates, or changes in their schedule.