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For the past 25 years, healthcare vendor representatives have been exercising an honors system regarding their support of surgical procedures. Essentially, any vendor could enter an operating room and claim to be a representative of a specific company while providing product support. This practice was considered acceptable until recent years when vendor-credentialing services were implemented to prevent vendors entering operating rooms at their own volition.

In comparison, a similar type of practice still exists today concerning vendors collecting surgical information from providers regarding the procedures they need to support. Vendors have the ability to collect surgical schedules via e-mail, text messages, phone calls, fax, and even hard copies from their surgical facilities. This has lead to HHS and HIPAA infractions when this information is not properly issued, protected, managed, and disposed.

With the severe inflation of patient information breaches over the past 8 years, surgical providers need a system in place to protect themselves from potential HHS & HIPAA liabilities pertaining to vendor interactions with surgical schedules and Protected Health Information (PHI). We understand that vendors can inadvertently compromise PHI by their procurement of surgical procedure information and OR TRAX aims to deliver a defense against such liabilities. OR TRAX is dedicated to the security and protection of our business associates and we WILL NOT and cannot collect any PHI from healthcare providers. We will only accept facility titles, procedure types, surgeon names, dates, and case start times transferred to our database. This ensures absolute HHS & HIPAA compliance to your facility while utilizing our service. Furthermore, OR TRAX will give providers peace of mind knowing that we will only offer our service to vendors who are licensed through the credentialing service implemented at your facility.