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In recent years, the healthcare industry has absorbed immense regulations designed to increase the safety and privacy of healthcare providers and their patients. OR TRAX enhances the ability for providers to seize control of patient security by delivering vendors a reference database free of protected health information (PHI).

Once healthcare providers mandate OR TRAX as the sole method of surgical schedule procurement by vendors, their team-members will be will be free from concern of such topics as outlined in case studies below.

Are Your Vendors Violating HIPAA? Why Internal HIPAA Compliance May Not Be Enough

Written by Holly Carnell, JD, and Meggan Bushee, JD, McGuire Woods | June 04, 2013

Text Message Use Among Providers Raise HIPAA Concerns

Written by Joyce McLaughlin, JD, Senior Counsel, Davis & Wilkerson | August 11, 2011

Inefficient communication technology draining hospitals of funds